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A workshop for parents of children of all ages:

Date: Wednesday, June 17th
Time: 6:30-8 p.m.
Place: Exit 6 Office Building, Suite 1532, Nashua NH
Cost: $25 per person

I am presenting this workshop for parents because I have been asked many questions about “the children.”

Children can be very literal and misunderstand quite easily. Dad losing his job and being home could seem like vacation, so a child may wonder why dad is grouchy and never wanting to play baseball…thinking to himself: “did I do something wrong?”

After one Mom lost her job and the dad’s wages were reduced the family had to sell their house. The five year old asked when the people would be coming to take their house away and where would they all sleep when the house was gone.

With all the talk in the house about the concerns about money the 16 year old assumed that college would be out of the question. Another teenager canceled her birthday party, thinking that her parents would be unable to afford this expense.

At this workshop we will be talking about how to prevent your children from jumping to conclusions. We will discuss giving them information up front so they understand if you are frustrated or having a bad day.

We will also talk about how to meet these challenges with your family: what to do when you when you cannot go on the family camping trip because you don’t have the money or when the trip to Disney gets cancelled. What and how to tell the children and how to manage their anger and frustration about all the changes.

We will be discussing how to get your children involved in the problem solving in a way that relieves your stress/guilt and frees your children from worry.

To register: Call 883-9333
Or email:
***limited space available***