Does it sometimes feel like a million things are swirling around in your head?  Do you feel like you just can’t focus?

There are countless parenting situations that can be stressful.  Maybe you are having the day from hell? Or, maybe your child is just pushing all your buttons.
Try stepping out of the “moment” or the “situation” and grounding yourself. This means doing exactly that. Feel the floor under your feet, actually wiggling your toes inside your shoes. Touch things around you–maybe your counter or kitchen table, open and close your eyes a few times. Take a few breaths in and out actually watching your belly move in and out.

Maybe take a bathroom break (30 seconds or 5+min) feel/hear the water running—which will also filter out noise from outside the door.

Take a look at a clock. Remind yourself that it is now…not 2 hours ago when you were in the midst of an upsetting situation. And, take a look at a calendar; remind yourself that it is today; not a week or a month ago when there was that big argument.

Sometimes events of the past have a way of interfering with the present without us even realizing it. They may be from long ago or they may be from 2 hours ago.

While parenting you may find yourself upset beyond what seems warranted for the situation. Perhaps your child dropped his coat as he walked in the door and stepped on it rather than pick it up. Understandably that would make any parent upset however you may find yourself agitated and unable to let it go. Take a few moments to “ground yourself” before you revisit the issue with your child.